We have realized that horses from all disciplines are ending up in the arena from Reiner's, Cutters, Cow horses and Ranch horses. So we have developed a platform where these horses can come together and compete. As 3-year-olds, they will be able to compete in a ranch horse futurity and as 4-6-year-olds, they can go to ARHFA where they will be eligible for an extra side pot - a breeders cash incentive. NRHDP is the only preferred breeder program for the ARHFA.

We are also working on having more regional futurities around the country and team ropings that will have incentive monies for horses that come from participating ranches.

The breeders will also be rewarded as their horses compete at every large payout. The breeder of the winning horse will get 10% of the total payout. 


For example, all stallion nominations fees for any foal crop will be designated to that foal crop year, then split four ways, 1/4 going to 3-year-old, 4-year-old, 5-year-old and 6-year-old years.

Also as a breeder, you will get your own page on this site giving your ranch history and stallion information and as well as a link to your own website, if you have one.

All horses by nomination stallions will be eligible to take part in any sale or event produced by NRHDP.

Cost to become a member is $750 per ranch and $500 per stallion. As an incentive to participate, any ranches becoming members this year will only pay $500 per ranch for as long as they are in good standing with the organization.

-Promotion of their breeding program
-4 years of Payouts for Each Foal Crop
-10% of Added Money at 4 Major Events will be Paid to Breeders
-Individual Breeder Web Page for you to market your Nominated Stallions/Mares
-Eligibility to Participate in all Sales, Futurities, Team Ropings & Events
-Exclusive Breeder Program for American Rope Horse Futurity

-Opportunity to Compete for 4 Years of Payouts;
     -1st Payout-3 year old Ranch Horse Futurity
     -2nd-4th Payouts-4 yr old-6 yr old Team Roping Futurity
     -Lifetime Eligibility for NRHDP Team Roping Incentives
     -Eligibility to Participate in Special Sales & Events
     -Opportunity to Showcase Horsemanship & Horse’s Versatility


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