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Three-Year-Old Ranch Horse Futurity

1. Open to all breeds of horses. All entries must be by nominated stallions or nominated by the trainer/rider. 

2. Follow RHAA rules except waive the ownership rule. 

3. This competition is for three-year-old horses that are eligible to participate in the National Rope Horse Development Program - Ranch Horse Futurity based on the following rules:


a. The competition will follow Ranch Horse Association of America (RHAA) criteria. Visit the RHAA website for more information.

b. There is no time ownership rules against the horse showing and its owner for the competition.

c. Horses must be registered.

d. A breed transfer of a horse does not prove ownership. A copy of the breed Registration Certificate must accompany the entry form. 

e. Horses do not need to be shown by the owner - NRHDP has waived this RHAA rule. Horses can be shown by anyone. 

f. Limited rider's status will be determined upon review of the contestant prior to the futurity.

g. There will be one class for this competition. Incentive program is included in the one class.

h. Pay slots are determined by the number of entries.

i. There will be an entry fee paid by the contestant.

 j. All entry forms must be completed in full and the hold harmless and photo release must be signed by both the owner and rider. Entry fees are due by 14 days prior to event. Applications received after the deadline are subject to a $50 late charge.

k. All rules are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the NRHDP Board of Directors.

4. Entry fee is $350 / nominated horse.

5. 2 Go Arounds.

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