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Wanye and Janna Smith first began operation in 1978. We started with a few cow/calf pairs. In 1987-the early 90's we had a yearling operation on land we had bought and we leased more land where we ran about 200 head of yearlings. We have slowly added to our total number of acres and now we have 160 head of mother cows, some keeper heifers and roping cattle. We have 30 broodmares, 5 stallions, we usually have on hand about 12 geldings from 2 to 10 years of age, these are used for ranch work, prowling pastures, doctoring sick calves, moving cows from one pasture to the other. We brand our calves and work our own cows 2 times a year in the spring and fall. We do this all horseback, it's a "family affair" as our 2 sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughters help with the branding. We brand our colts usually in July, we like to do this before the colts get too big and they work better while they are still with the mares. This helps keep the babies quite and content. 

We have been very fortunate to produce a horse the is highly marketable. We usually keep 3 to 4 horse colts and fillies each year to be put back into our Remuda. We are founding members in the Caprock Ranchers Breeders sale and futurity, we consign to this sale with yearlings and 2 year olds. We sell a lot of our foals as weanlings right off their mamma's. We have a strong demand for team roping horses and most years we sell some started and finished head and heel horses to all levels of ropers. We also sell some as potential calf horses. Our goal is to produce a good minded, athletic, gentle horse that is easy on the eye that we and our buyers will enjoy, using, riding and competing on for many years. 

We started our Remuda with various purchases of cutting bred fillies or mares that we either had in cutting training or were riding for clients. We then selected stallions from cutting operations and we also bred to some stallions that we had in cutting training. One of our early breedings was to Peponita. Several of our early broodmares and studs carried the bloodlines of Doc O Lena and Lani Kai. We still have a grandson of Lani Kai

Primary Goals: We want to continue to produce a horse that not only meets our needs but that will be in demand by the public. We are always looking to improve our remade. We have a 2 year old and 3 year old stud prospects in training. One is By a Streak of Fling and the other one is Playin Stylish. After we ride these colts and see how they progress we will figure out if they fit our program and we will introduce them into our remuda.

Positive Image: As breeders of the American Quarter Horse we strive for our remade to look and perform their best. Our business model contributes to a positive image of livestock by providing leading genetics for our own use and to the public. Through our personal relationships between breeders and buyers we treat them with the up most respect which has, and will instill those values in our future endeavors. 




Cell Phone 806.269.6247
Home Phone 806.623.5326

Janna Smith 806.422.0250




197 S State Hwy 70, Dickens, Texas 79229

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